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Prepaid calling cards. Best rates for international calls.
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Want to buy a calling card?
But you have doubts?

- Pay 20 dollars and talk 500+ mins within USA.
- Lowest rates for calls to Europe, Russia, Canada, Israel, Australia, and Japan.
- Toll free access from any phone in the US.
- You can get your PINs instantly by E-Mail.
- Crystal-clear connections, no Internet calls.

Great solutions for everyone:
• You have relatives in Europe, Russia, Canada or Israel? Do you want to keep in touch with them more often and pay less for telephone conversations? In this case our calling cards are simply created specially for you: We have the LOWEST calling rates for calls to Canada, Russia, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, Australia and Japan.
• Do you travel within the US a lot? Do you have to make a lot of domestic calls from hotel rooms? Then you should know huge charges hotels have if you pick up the phone. We have solution: Use our prepaid phone cards from any pay phone with toll free access code.
• Are you concerned about privacy? You don't want to let anyone know where you make calls and why you make them? Then your only choice is to get our prepaid calling card! Calling telephone cards are NOT associated with any phone number, address or name. You can use calling cards from ANY pay phone and keep your anonymity.
• Do your elderly parents like to make phone calls? Give them pleasure of communication over the phone, buy them rechargeable calling card with simple usage instructions and 10-digit easy to remember PIN number! When money on the card is used up, your parents don't have to remember a new PIN, instead you can call us and add money to the existed PIN number.
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3 Easy Steps to Buy a Calling Card!
1 Select Country to search for the Best Rates.
2 Place an Order with Secure Charge Online.
3 Receive your Cards Online Instantly.


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